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Bronze sculptures and statues for sale, quotes with full price and cost for custom, life size, large and giant garden statues. Animal statues, horse and bull bronze sculptures directly from the producer artist sculptor Vittorio Tessaro.

Bronze sculptures and statues for sale directly from the Italian artist Vittorio Tessaro, one of the most highly appreciated master sculptors in Europe. Quotes with full prices and costs for full-size, large, giant or small custom sculptures. Garden statues of horses, bulls and other animals. We are not only dealers, but direct manufacturers and we deliver all over the world. Contact us now!

…These are just some of the most common questions we are asked by customers regarding the subject of bronze sculpture for sale .

We fully understand how many doubts you can have when requesting statue quotes

The art market, like all “high-end” commercial areas, risks being “vague” and difficult to decipher, as the factors that determine the costs and prices of works of art are not always clear.

The personal brand and reputation of the artist sculptor, the prestige of the contexts in which his works are exhibited both publicly and privately, the years of experience acquired, the ability to customise the bronze statues, the number and the high “level” of customers served, the degree of satisfaction of the customers themselves… these are just some of the factors that influence the prices of bronze sculptures for sale.

Then there is another point to consider which is literally priceless, but which is perhaps the most important of all: the emotion that the work of art makes you feel!

We won’t hide the fact from you that it has happened to us several times that people contacted us to tell us in the utmost sincerity that they did not know Vittorio Tessaro… but as art lovers, collectors, or simply as “connoisseurs of beauty”, they confessed that they were so impressed and fascinated by the precision and rich details of the bronze statues by this Italian master sculptor, compared to most of the sculptors seen in galleries or found on the web, that they immediately wanted to know the costs, customisation possibilities, sales methods, delivery and all the other relevant information.

Statues of female nudes, small sculptures for interiors, large garden statues, giant bronze sculptures of horses and bulls for parks of prestigious villas…

…We can say, without fear of being proven wrong, that some of the best known entrepreneurs in Europe, Africa and the Middle East are our customers and have already chosen to make their homes even more exclusive with custom bronze statues by the Italian master sculptor Vittorio Tessaro.

In this regard, there is another factor that you absolutely must evaluate when it comes to the bronze statues for sale, whether customized or in the catalogue ready for delivery:

The testimonials, opinions and reviews of customers who have previously used bronze sculpture dealers!

On this page you can find some reviews from happy customers who were very satisfied with both the works of art purchased by Vittorio Tessaro, and the turnkey service for shipping and delivery, which is handled with the utmost care and safety.

You can read the testimonials of our customers who purchased the bronze sculptures and also see photos of these works of art inside their homes and gardens clicking here:

In addition to the emotional aspects, which are subjective, factors that are very objective and that heavily influence the final price of the quotes for bronze sculptures must be considered, which we will soon share with great transparency.

But first let us introduce ourselves briefly…  

Vittorio Tessaro is an Italian master sculptor who has been working since the late 1970s.

His admired bronze statues have been exhibited in some of the most important galleries in Europe, and several sculptures already exclusively embellish the homes and gardens of entrepreneurs and collectors who want to stand out and amaze themselves and their guests!

All his works of art, including the custom bronze sculptures, have a specific certification and a quotation on the art market.

In the art market, when we say something is a unique piece, the international convention means it is a work made with 8 copies + 4 author’s proofs; therefore, in actual fact, there are at most 12 examples of that bronze statue available on the market.

In this regard, we would like to underline that the possibility of having a custom statue made by master Vittorio Tessaro is undoubtedly the most exclusive request that can be made.

The custom bronze sculpture made on commission should be considered a unique work in the true sense of the word, as the mould will be destroyed  after casting the client’s piece,  consequently preserving its uniqueness, exclusivity and value over time .

But how are the artistic creations of the Italian master Vittorio Tessaro, so admired in Europe and beyond, created?

Very briefly, like this: the work is first carried out in clay, then in wax, then, after the refractory lining of the modelling, through the “lost-wax casting” system, a mould is created in which the bronze  will be cast.

When freed from the refractory material, the cast sculpture is ready to be finished. 

The work must be freed from the conduits, which are cut with saws and disc wheels. 

The blisters from casting and surface imperfections are carefully closed with welding; only then does the master sculptor intervene with files, rasps and abrasive cloth, before completing the work with chisels to bring out all the details and features of the bronze statue.

The attention and skill with which the casting pins and all surface imperfections are removed is decisive in determining how much welding material will be used to fill and refine the surface discontinuities generated.

The soldering material used inevitably has a different composition from the bronze itself (for reasons related to the casting temperature and other things). 

Therefore all the superficial details that will be “fixed” with this material will, in the future, give rise to reactions to time and external agents different from the bronze parts of the sculpture

Surface porosity, stains and differences in oxidation with patches of different colours may therefore be generated as a consequence.

These problems, which emerge with the passage of time and which are very common in bronze sculptures with a more "economic" construction, compromise the value, prestige and aesthetics of the work, the appearance of which will significantly worsen over the years.

All this explains how important it is, once the bronze statue has been given all its artistic value by the master sculptor, to also have extreme skill and sensitivity in all the complementary processes that are generally carried out by the collaborators at the foundry.

Precisely for this reason, the Vittorio Tessaro art studio has always chosen one of the most renowned and qualified foundries in the world as its professional partner, in order to guarantee your bronze sculpture an aesthetic and lasting beauty that preserves and enhances its value over time!

Finally, the coating and surface oxidations are then carried out to give the bronze any colour, with which we can customise our bronze statues very realistically.

Our obsessive attention to detail and to the finishing of the sculptures is the result not only of master sculptor Vittorio Tessaro’s  expertise, but also of the executive excellence in the phases of coating, casting, finishing and coating that are specific to this partner foundry, which is recognised as one of the top foundries in the world for the quality of its work!

It should be emphasised that, in addition to being the work of the master’s talent, the whole system is inevitably also very expensive from a production and raw material point of view.

For this reason, purchasing a bronze statue created by the expert hands of the custom statue maker Vittorio Tessaro not only represents a great thrill for those who own it, but also an important investment that can appreciate in value over time, to be handed down to subsequent generations.

Each of our sculptures is signed by the Italian master Vittorio Tessaro and delivered with its proof of authenticity, which certifies the originality and artistic value of the work you are purchasing.

In addition to taking care of the sale of the bronze sculptures and all aspects of shipping directly – thus saving you all the classic commissions from art galleries and/or other commercial intermediaries – our Customer Care office is at your disposal to agree on the best solution for you together, including a “very special option” when placing your bronze statue:

If you wish, after the bronze work has been delivered by our partner courier, you can choose to organise a sort of inauguration of your life-size bronze statue or your large/giant bronze sculpture, personally attended by the maestro Vittorio Tessaro, who will introduce the statue with a brief history of its creation and will be able to pay homage with an exclusive catalogue dedicated to the people present.

Furthermore, also on request, you will be provided with an exclusive DVD with personalised photo-video documentation of the creation of your bronze sculpture, starting from your "desire" to create it up to the completed and installed work of art.

It is a very exciting, unique, absolutely evocative and exclusive DVD, complete with the footage of all the main processing steps with which your bronze statue came to life.

With this DVD you can get excited by watching and rewatching how your idea took shape in bronze, day after day. You can also use it to excite and amaze your family, coworkers and guests, sharing with them the sensational and complex ingenuity hidden in the large bronze sculpture, UNIQUE in the world, created and customised exclusively for YOU!

…If you were looking for information on the “bronze sculptures for sale” and you wanted to know about some of the factors that influence the prices and costs of the statues when requesting quotes, we hope we have been of help

At this point, we are happy to have shared with you a part of our creative and artistic world, in the hope that this is only the beginning of a journey for you in this evocative and exciting world.

…And if you want to continue this journey with us, then you should know that you too can transform the most refined rooms of your home, or your garden or the entrance to your company into a private art gallery where you can inspire emotion and amaze yourself, your loved ones and your colleagues.

If you want to experience these unique sensations too, contact us now for more information on the availability, quotations and methods of sale of our bronze sculptures, whether customised or in the catalogue, even ready for delivery. 





Do you have an idea for your statue and would like to evaluate it with us? Fill out the form below and you will be contacted within 24 working hours, or call us at: +39 0444 1496986, or via whatsapp by clicking on the button under the contact form




Do you have an idea for your statue and would like to evaluate it with us? Fill out the form below and you will be contacted within 24 working hours, or call us at: +39 0444 1496986, or via whatsapp by clicking on the button under the contact form

You can also contact us on WhatsApp; click the WhatsApp icon and send us your photos and requests directly with your computer or smartphone:

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