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Bronze horse statue, life size sculptures for sale, custom bronze statuette of horses.

Vittorio Tessaro is one of the most highly appreciated master sculptors in Europe who creates statuettes, sculptures and life-size and large/giant statues of horses in bronze. Contact us now for information on our direct sales and quotes for your custom horse statue.

The “bronze horse statues” represent a tribute to nature and the animal kingdom by the master sculptor Vittorio Tessaro

Where would people be today if they hadn’t had the support of fundamental allies such as equines during their evolutionary journey?

Powerful and agile, yet tame and fragile at the same time, these precious animals have accompanied humanity from one era to another, almost marking the rhythm of our progress.

Large or giant statue for outdoors or statuette for indoors… the bronze horse sculptures by the custom statue maker Vittorio Tessaro  always manage to pay homage to these wonderful traveling companions.

And if you want to give a particularly suggestive touch to your garden , with our life-size bronze horse statue (large or even giant!) we will be able to make it absolutely unique and exclusive! 

Here are some examples of custom made bronze horse sculptures we created for both wealthy entrepreneur gardens and public squares that required a bronze  horse monument.

Giant bronze horse statue for the park-garden of the Swiss villa of a wealthy English businessman.

How does a large bronze horse sculpture made on commission for the park of the villa of a well-known successful businessman come to life?

Here is the story of this giant statue told directly by the master sculptor Vittorio Tessaro

“Dealing with a theme that transmits force and disruptive energy to the onlooker can be relatively easy by choosing the right subject for a bronze horse sculpture.

However, it is not enough if you do not know anatomy first and do not have the technical skills to be able to animate it.

Mighty animals like the horse, together with the male and female artistic nude, are subjects that have always inspired artists of all ages, and will continue to do so in the future. 

I have addressed the theme of the bronze horse statue many times and each time it is as if it were the first. 

A few years ago, a world-famous figure, whose name I will not mention out of for confidentiality, invited me to visit him in his home in order to get to know me as an artist and commission both large giant statues and life size bronze animal sculptures

When he expressed the desire to make his first two works, a rampant horse and an enraged bronze bull, my heart leapt as I was excited to be able to try my hand at two strong themes, which rank among my favourites: 

quivering muscles, dynamism, a sense of movement, natural strength and muscle masses duly emphasised, “pure energy”! 

The joy I feel in seeking, chasing and applying myself to all this is something extremely exhilarating that I am passionate about beyond measure. 

While my client was talking, I already “saw” the two finished works placed in the park of the villa: the bronze horse and the bull sculpture in all their majesty, in the middle of the green, facing the lake. 

It was just a matter of making them concrete…

It was a long job that lasted several months and involved the construction of an internal structure in iron and steel, a kind of metal support skeleton to which the clay can cling and be modelled.

Once the sculpture has been completed, a gelatine mould must be made to obtain the wax. It must be hollow inside, and once it has been worked, another mould must be made from it, this time refractory.

The mould must have very thick walls and must be buried in a pit with sand and refractory earth pressed to withstand the enormous heat of the molten bronze, otherwise the mould will inevitably break, allowing the burning liquid to escape resulting in the complete and dramatic loss of the artwork. 

Moreover, the weight of such a large bronze horse means extreme attention is required to be able to fix such an imposing work to the base, care has to be taken over its shipment…

But as we know, the difficulties are part of this work that I love with all my heart as a artist sculptor… and the satisfaction I saw in the eyes of the client at the time of delivery repaid all the efforts I made to create this large bronze horse sculpture.”

Here is the testimonial that this client gave me:

We have commissioned the Italian master Vittorio Tessaro to create a series of bronze monumental works for our chairman’s private residence.

We chose his studio because Vittorio showed us his particular ability to interpret each personalised work in the best possible way with enormous talent, great precision and lively realism.

We also know that to create his sculptures Vittorio Tessaro uses only one of the most renowned foundries in the world for the quality of the bronze work and this factor is also a guarantee for us to commission works that will be executed in a workmanlike manner with an aesthetic and artistic result of the highest level.

In conclusion, Vittorio Tessaro's bronze sculptures (giant bronze horse statue and large bronze bull sculpture) have fully satisfied our expectations, even with regard to the most demanding works in terms of weight and size, such as the life-size bronze bull, which Vittorio has customised according to our expectations in an excellent way.

“A great art lover living in England and Switzerland”.

Giant bronze horse sculpture as a monument for the piazza of Torri di Arcugnano (Vicenza – Veneto - Italy)

Bronze monuments by the custom statue maker Vittorio Tessaro are often requested by municipalities to enhance public squares and gardens.

In this regard, in these images we see how a town in Veneto (Italy), near Venice, a land of great history, art and culture, has chosen to stand out through the large bronze horse sculpture that they commissioned to place it in the central piazza.

It is an imposing monument measuring almost 4 metres that depicts a rearing  horse which therefore must support all its weight on its hind legs only. 

The theme of the subject represented by this splendid bronze horse is absolutely a good omen for the municipality and its citizens:

“The power of enthusiasm for the future”

…And with the very satisfied faces of the clients at the time of delivery and inauguration, we can say that if there is one thing that was not lacking, it was the enthusiasm of the community!

Bronze statuettes of a horse of various sizes

The sculptor bronze artist Vittorio Tessaro not only creates life size bronze horse statues (and giant sculptures) for open spaces, but also precious bronze statuettes of a horse for interiors.

Available in various sizes and in different poses, Vittorio Tessaro’s bronze equine statuettes have already transformed the most important rooms of many residences in Italy and around the world into real private art galleries, where you can immerse yourself in emotions that only these magnificent animals can arouse.

If you too want to experience these unique sensations, contact us now for more information on availability, quotes, prices and delivery methods of our bronze horse statuettes and on all our available sculptures and statues, even which are ready for delivery.





Do you have an idea for your statue and would like to evaluate it with us? Fill out the form below and you will be contacted within 24 working hours, or call us at: +39 0444 1496986, or via whatsapp by clicking on the button under the contact form




Do you have an idea for your statue and would like to evaluate it with us? Fill out the form below and you will be contacted within 24 working hours, or call us at: +39 0444 1496986, or via whatsapp by clicking on the button under the contact form

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